After the bankrupt application is filed, the person who is bankrupted should be cooperating with the Official Receiver's Office during the period of being bankrupted and providing the assets and debts information.

  • After the bankruptcy order is granted, the bankrupt person should get in touch with the Official Receiver's Officer / Trustee as soon as possible and explain his / her assets situation;
  • During the period of bankruptcy, bankrupt person could only open one (cannot be more then one) bank saving account for receiving salary;
  • Cannot apply any loan; if there is any change in name, address, telephone number, he / she should inform the trustee and Official Receiver's Office;
  • Should submit an annual income statement to the trustee (4 sets for 4 years);
  • Bankrupt person shouldn't take taxi;
  • Bankrupt person shouldn't purchase property or car, etc.;
  • Bankrupt person shouldn't continuously contribute to his / her insurance policy.